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devoted to the NOT.

pom fri(ga)tes.

where the hell did this weekend sneak off to?
one minute the sweet sound of a key locking the door to ste. 2700 echoed throughout the hallway…the next, the alarm is being set for 7:15am, february 1. it’s just not fair (kind of like arsenal’s embarrassing loss today). there’s still a few hours left to spare, and those hours should be spent supporting humboldt parks own frigates at subterranean tonight.
here’s the short bio:

Frigates is a Chicago band, of the Humboldt Park neighborhood. We put compact, staccato melodies with propulsive, agile rhythms in songs that will make you want to shake your hips, or pump your fists. Or both at once… Formed in 2007 by Brian Hacker (Crush Kill Destroy), he found a monstrous drummer in Marc Riordan (Branch/Riordan duo, Rupert) and after several tries, a perfect fit on bass in Wesley Torres (Automatic Stinging Machines). Their first show was a chaotic affair at the Town Hall Pub’s 2008 “Battle of The Bands,” where they finished a close second due to a conflict of interest with the judges.

show starts at 8:30pm, 21+, $8.
2011 w. north ave., chicago IL 60647


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headlining at the bottle tonight:

Pentagram are a long-running American heavy metal band from Virginia, most famous as one of the pioneers of doom metal. The band was quite prolific in the underground scene of the 1970s, producing many demos and rehearsal tapes, but did not release a full-length album until reforming in the early 1980s with an almost completely new lineup. Throughout the band’s history the only constant member has been vocalist Bobby Liebling. The revolving lineup of Pentagram has featured many well respected musicians in the local doom metal scene, with members spending time in other acts such as Raven, The Obsessed, Place of Skulls, Internal Void, Spirit Caravan, among many others.wikipedia

cover’s $20…is it worth it? you tell me. i’d like to sneak in to buy some merch though. everyone’s wardrobe should consist of something satanic, you know, uh, as a joke.

empty bottle
1035 n. western ave., chicago, IL 60622

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star lounge props.

booyaka, booyaka.
can’t really remember when i subscribed to this foodie-ish website called tasting table, but every once in awhile they have a review that’s worth reading. earlier this month they posted a little write up on purgatory’s own, star lounge! here’s the text:

Dark Matters
A small coffee roaster with big ideas
Dark Matter Coffee at Star Lounge

Jesse Diaz started roasting beans in a $7 popcorn popper.

Today, in a room above his Ukrainian Village coffee shop, Star Lounge, Diaz (pictured) roasts small batches of Dark Matter coffee in a larger version of the same thing–an air roaster that he feels yields greater nuances (like peanut butter flavors in his Indian Robusta-Ethiopian Harrar-Sumatra Mandheling blend).

Zealous devotion to coffee is nothing new for Chicago. But Diaz’s encyclopedic knowledge and meticulous oversight of the entire process–from bean sourcing to roasting to choosing the right brewing method (Star Lounge employs at least four)–makes Dark Matter some of the city’s geekiest.

And one of the most aspirational: Diaz’s goal is to eliminate middlemen and get all his beans directly from farmers. He hopes to head to El Salvador next month to visit plants being grown especially for him. Then it’s on to Guatemala in search of new farmer relationships (and beans).

Bags of Dark Matter coffee are always available at Star Lounge, but there’s no set menu of offerings. It changes by season–even by week–because, as Diaz is fond of saying, “Coffee’s too complex of a substance to make concrete rules.”

star lounge coffee co.
2521 West Chicago Ave., chicago, IL 60622

i really love this place and how passionate about coffee they are. actually, uh, my loud ass neighbor woke up and is making sure we all know this by creating loud bangs alongside the television bass, so i guess it’s time for me to go…to star lounge.

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hideout for the grammys.

great little writeup in the s.times today:

Several other things worth nothing about this year’s Grammy nominees: The proliferation of connections to everybody’s favorite Chicago dive, the Hideout.

I will let co-owner Tim Tuten tell the story, as only he can in his inimitable way:

Of course I have to toot the Hideout’s horn a little more to you. I think the Hideout has a great Grammy story this year.
* I think I already told you that the Hideout’s long-time bartender / poster artist, Kathleen Judge was nominated for a Grammy for best album art for Neko’s Middle Cyclone. She would be a great story!

* Neko Case was also a Hideout bartender at the Hideout, as was her Hideout bartender / background vocalist Kelly Hogan, Neko’s bass player, Hideout bartender Tom Ray of Devil in a Woodpile played at the Hideout almost every Tuesday for 11 years.

* Honey Boy Edwards will receive a Grammy life-time achievement award this year. The Hideout has been his home bar for 10 years, where he plays with Devil in a Woodpile at least two to four times a year. He flew into Washington DC last year just to play our Inauguration Party. As Tippatina’s in New Orleans was Professor Longhairs final home, we have always felt the Hideout is the place where Honey Boy could receive the comfort and respect he so long deserved.

* Wilco’s Jon Stiratt’s sister Laurie was a long-time Hideout bartender.

* AND… Mavis Staples “Hope at the Hideout” was recorded at the Hideout too!

The dream that we had at the Hideout in 1996 has really come true. To nurture unknown artists, to employ them to help them pay their rent, and provide them with practice and performance space, so they could develop their art. Our Hideout goal was not just to say that the White Stripes (for example) played here, which they did, but to say that great artists lived, worked and created at the Hideout.

Thanks, Tim. If you ask me, you wuz robbed in the best spoken word category!

1354 w. wabansia ave., chicago, IL 60642

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lockdown opens.

there have been many a times when i lazily step off the X49 (soon to be RIP) division stop and briskly walked towards augusta and passed by this place on western. never really thought anything of it, just assumed it was yet another abandoned business and the rats were partying behind the gates…until, to my surprise, the gates were up and the place was illuminating from 5 blocks away with the wall of plasma tvs for only a few hrs. then i thought it was some secret mafia bar, or cop bar because i never saw those gates open again. until now, this curious place called lockdown is open. supposed to be some revolutionary type shit with virtual concerts. i really don’t know much about the place.

here’s the release notes:

Put the kids away and lock your doors because the Lockdown Bar and Grill is finally opening its doors on January 25, 2010. Get ready to rock out with bestial screams and embolism-popping guitar riffs as this heavy metal bar satisfies your most carnal desires. The menu has been painstaking crafted with starters, sandwiches, and 12 supreme burger creations, like the Cruelty to Animals (a 10-ounze Angus burger topped with every type of pork product known to man) <-hey, that’s pretty NOT neat or The Big House (a burger rubbed down with spices covered in cheddar cheese and slathered in BBQ sauce).

This is more than just a metal bar with amazing food though. This is Chicago’s premier Virtual Venue. You will able to Rock in Rio with Iron Maiden or Binge and Purge with in the front row with Metallica. The biggest and best metal and hard rock concerts play every minute we are open on the wall of flat screens in this metal cage of a bar. Smoke machines, a laser show, and concert footage played at an obscene volume take you away from this Ukrainian Village hideout and put you in the center of the front row mosh pit before the gods of rock themselves.

Quench your thirst while rocking out with an amazing beer list with everything from PBR cans to Chimay Blue bottles. Our perfectly chilled taps flow six wide with Miller Lite, Guinness, Blue Moon, a Goose Island Seasonal, Sierra Nevada, and Fat Tire. We have the whiskey for the hard rocking concert veterans as well as every other liquor alcoholic beverage a rock star could want.

…We want the unwashed (or washed) masses lusting for the unmatched style and power of glam and thrash metal to course through their bodies. We want blood thirsty carnivores ransacking the Chicago bar scene for the most tantalizing burgers. We want those people because we are those people and now we own a bar.

individuals that are passionate about their business’ get big thumbs up in my books (star lounge), but i’m still a tad confused with the foundation of this one. what’s the point behind the whole ‘prison’ look? does that really pair well with the live 20 plasmas airing metal concerts in your face? what’s with the vulgarity? does that mean that everyone that likes metal is an asshole? just because someone loves slayer, maiden and anthrax doesn’t mean they’re gunna kick the shit out of babies and eat raw squirrels (although i just laughed thinking about that). i’ll definitely check this place out for a beer…then, uh, maybe go see a real show at the bottle across the street.

1024 N Western Ave, Chicago IL, 60622

p.s. filter also opened today on milwaukee. i don’t think anyone needs a review on that one.

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plaslaiko percussion (lab).

12.23pm, day is thursday, year is 2010, month is january…and i thought i’d have nothing to write about until now. well, not really write…more like copy and paste. so during the pool tournament last night at archies that i nearly won (jk…i lost after the first game, thanks obama and pete for fucking up my concentration) we got on the conversation of techno and i happened to mention that my favorite dj is derek plaslaiko. so since he was mentioned in the neighborhood, and my computer is located in the neighborhood with his music in my iTunes, technically, i can write about it. there’s not much that gets me excited these days other than a delicious beer, a new record, and an amazing set. any set that plaslaiko plays is golden. so check out the freshly uploaded exclusive dj mix for percussion lab: http://www.percussionlab.com/sets/derek_plaslaiko/exclusive_dj_mix

here’s his bio via ghostly international:

Some people filter through the record bins, taking what are on the wall or record store employee suggestions. Then there are people who dig deeper into the dusty crates, and absorb music like a sponge; ignoring labels, bucking trends – forever on a quest to find the perfect record. Derek Plaslaiko unquestionably falls into the latter category. As a teen equally transfixed by Mojo and Wizard cassettes and Minor Threat 7”s, Plaslaiko followed the beats from his hometown 20 miles south of Detroit to the epicenter of Detroit techno, then enjoying its third wave of success. He quietly paid his dues on Detroit’s rave circuit, and was a crucial piece of the puzzle for the legendary Poorboy and Analog parties of the mid-nineties. He quickly earned a reputation for forward thinking DJ sets that were clinical, sophisticated and extremely sensual. This combination resulted in a residency for Family, the weekly party at Detroit’s Motor. With a reputation for high energy sets that were versatile and tasteful, Plaslaiko slowly became in

demand on the Midwestern club circuit; sharing the stage with such techno luminares as John Acquaviva, Kevin Saunderson, Richardo Villalobos, Baby Ford, and Matthew Herbert. It was also during that time Plaslaiko was asked by Carl Craig to perform at the inaugural edition of the Detroit Electronic Music Festival. In 2003, Plaslaiko became part of the original team of DJs at Detroit’s Untitled parties, sharing a residency with Tadd Mullinix (aka James T. Cotton), Matthew Dear and Mike Servito. In 2004 he made the decision to head east and set up camp in New York City, determined to bring a slice of the Motor City to the Big Apple. Currently, Derek is one of the resident DJs at the Bunker (Subtonic) in NYC, as well as an integral part of the Wolf + Lamb monthly parties. He was honored in the Village Voice 2006 “Best Of” poll as New York’s Best Techno DJ and has been traveling the globe since dropping ridiculous mixes for sites like Resident Advisor in the process.

i’m so excited to see him and a shitload of other djs in NYC next weekend for the unsound festival.

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so tonight’s the night of the legendary state of the union addy from mr. obama. what’s equally (or slightly more) exciting is that it will be shown on a giant screen with a saucy sound system along with the 1st monthly pool tournament at archies iowa & rockwell tavern. both start at 8:00pm so don’t hesitate and be late because pete del re will…be, uh, sad.

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domestic dis.

i don’t even know where to begin with this post. still can’t fully comprehend what the hell happened last night. not sure if i should just lmao, or wrage out. the former seems fit. i mentioned in my i.d. uh page about annoying neighbors (cough). this post has to do with just that. annoying neighbors that think it’s critical to call the cops on their upstairs neighbor at 11pm who, by his knowledge, did nothing wrong…unless making a tomato, egg and toast sandwich is a crime (should be, that shit was gross maaaan). anyways, so i’m eating my TETwich and working on some last minute kern adjustments before hitting the lights and attempting sleep until i hear this loud bang at the door. wait…what was this light leaking through the cracks of the front door because i don’t remember anyone changing the hallway bulbs for over a year? suddenly it hit me: loud, strong, continuous bang at the door, a bright light and mumbling outside means COPS! so i take a deep breath, open the door and obviously blurt out “whatdididowrong officer?” (authority figures give me anxiety). dude starts going on and on that the neighbor called him up because of some domestic disturbance going on between said neighbor and i. i don’t remember such a thing happening considering i was in my room the whole night glancing at my cat sleeping from time to time, chain smoking and working? the neighbor’s protest was that i had illegal use of the 1st come 1st serve parking spot in the back of the apartment, which the landlord stated was open to all tenants. the neighbor called the cops on me because i legally parked in a spot that belongs to the apartment in which i pay rent to live in for. does this make any sense? what the hell did this neighbor expect, for me to get scared and move my car? how immature is that. ridiculous to waste this police officer’s time fighting crime with petty disputes. for once i felt bad for an officer because i know how annoyed he was with the situation. as revenge, i’m just going to leave my car parked there all week. any other ideas, or any ridiculous neighbor/cop stories? do tell.

p.s. hawks play tonight at 8:30pm. where is a good place to watch tonight? uh, cheers.

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sans rehab.

happy monday. looks like it’s going to be a brisk week, single digits to the faaace.
anyways…i’m sure the majority of you are beyond well aware of the free music mondays that go down at the empty bottle. if not, here’s a little description of the headliner, cacaw:
From the ashes of Coughs, formerly one of Chicago’s best noise-rock bands, comes CACAW! Comprised of ardent members of the Chicago underground and art community (half-the band are professional screen printers), Cacaw is Carrie and Anya from Coughs, Zack from Lovely Little Girls, and Kyle from Slut Barf. Cacaw takes the Coughs sound and distills it down to a more minimal, yet no less intense brand of really fucking groovy noise rock. The band is essentially a double-bass guitar and drums rhythm section with some amplified can ‘o’ pennies, guitar, and snarly female vocals (vocal duties split between Anya and Carrie) over the top.

Though they have only existed for a little over a year, Cacaw have quickly become one of Chicago’s most popular underground rock bands. Fans who have witnessed their live show always seem to leave begging for more. People outside of the city have started to take notice as well. Dan Friel of Parts and Labor says “Cacaw sounds smart, and evil, and heavy in an early-90’s way, a la Amphetamine Reptile Records. So good.” – permanent records

opening up are Running and Moonrises,
starts at 9:30pm. 1035 North Western Ave. Chicago, IL 60622

if live music isn’t your cup o’ tea (loser), then maybe go the bingo route! california clipper hosts a weekly bingo night and it’s quite a hoot. i visited with a few chaps of mine and it was quite the laugh. the announcing steves on the mics are hilarious and the prizes aren’t so bad. if you don’t like being in the spotlight then i suggest you don’t win because they interview the winners after each game.

starts around 10:30pm. 1002 North California Avenue, Chicago, IL‎ 60622

if you have a car (i don’t promote drunk driving by any means) then hit up delilahs for their $1 american beer/$ beam shots/free billiards night. probably my favorite bar in the city.

starts whenever you get there. 2771 North Lincoln Ave., Chicago, IL 60647

that’s my insight with what’s going down in purgatory tonight.  i mean, i know the flashy poser hosted PBR hr. and serato dj’s ‘spinnin’ all night at the hottest party in the united states of america on the hottest street in the united states of america at the hottest bar in the united states of america is hard to pass up (don’t get me started), but, uh, do something worth your time on earth : )

what else is going on on mondays? share your knowledge and contribute!

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white mystery

this isn’t necessarily related to the boundaries in which i’d mainly write about, but white mystery is definitely my favorite chicago band. in fact, they are chicago and have played at the bottle enough to be included within the blog. they hosted a winter party over the weekend and it was such an amazing time (like usual). they’ve gotten plenty of write ups and amazing reviews that i really don’t need to dwell any further. definitely check their upcoming shows out. you won’t be disappointed. i, uh, promise.

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