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devoted to the NOT.

sans rehab.

happy monday. looks like it’s going to be a brisk week, single digits to the faaace.
anyways…i’m sure the majority of you are beyond well aware of the free music mondays that go down at the empty bottle. if not, here’s a little description of the headliner, cacaw:
From the ashes of Coughs, formerly one of Chicago’s best noise-rock bands, comes CACAW! Comprised of ardent members of the Chicago underground and art community (half-the band are professional screen printers), Cacaw is Carrie and Anya from Coughs, Zack from Lovely Little Girls, and Kyle from Slut Barf. Cacaw takes the Coughs sound and distills it down to a more minimal, yet no less intense brand of really fucking groovy noise rock. The band is essentially a double-bass guitar and drums rhythm section with some amplified can ‘o’ pennies, guitar, and snarly female vocals (vocal duties split between Anya and Carrie) over the top.

Though they have only existed for a little over a year, Cacaw have quickly become one of Chicago’s most popular underground rock bands. Fans who have witnessed their live show always seem to leave begging for more. People outside of the city have started to take notice as well. Dan Friel of Parts and Labor says “Cacaw sounds smart, and evil, and heavy in an early-90’s way, a la Amphetamine Reptile Records. So good.” – permanent records

opening up are Running and Moonrises,
starts at 9:30pm. 1035 North Western Ave. Chicago, IL 60622

if live music isn’t your cup o’ tea (loser), then maybe go the bingo route! california clipper hosts a weekly bingo night and it’s quite a hoot. i visited with a few chaps of mine and it was quite the laugh. the announcing steves on the mics are hilarious and the prizes aren’t so bad. if you don’t like being in the spotlight then i suggest you don’t win because they interview the winners after each game.

starts around 10:30pm. 1002 North California Avenue, Chicago, IL‎ 60622

if you have a car (i don’t promote drunk driving by any means) then hit up delilahs for their $1 american beer/$ beam shots/free billiards night. probably my favorite bar in the city.

starts whenever you get there. 2771 North Lincoln Ave., Chicago, IL 60647

that’s my insight with what’s going down in purgatory tonight.  i mean, i know the flashy poser hosted PBR hr. and serato dj’s ‘spinnin’ all night at the hottest party in the united states of america on the hottest street in the united states of america at the hottest bar in the united states of america is hard to pass up (don’t get me started), but, uh, do something worth your time on earth : )

what else is going on on mondays? share your knowledge and contribute!


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  1. Weegee’s Lounge is always fun. I particularly like it during the week because it tends to be less crowded and I can hear myself talk. A nice change of pace sometimes. They have a great liquor selection and if you are looking for cheap beer they have that too. Not the most convenient to get to unless you’re a biker or do not mind waiting a few minutes for CTA. In the past I have cabbed it from Fullerton and Kedzie for about $10 bucks. Not bad if you do not feel like waiting in the cold. http://www.yelp.com/biz/weegees-lounge-chicago.

  2. I forgot to mention shuffleboard.

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