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i don’t even know where to begin with this post. still can’t fully comprehend what the hell happened last night. not sure if i should just lmao, or wrage out. the former seems fit. i mentioned in my i.d. uh page about annoying neighbors (cough). this post has to do with just that. annoying neighbors that think it’s critical to call the cops on their upstairs neighbor at 11pm who, by his knowledge, did nothing wrong…unless making a tomato, egg and toast sandwich is a crime (should be, that shit was gross maaaan). anyways, so i’m eating my TETwich and working on some last minute kern adjustments before hitting the lights and attempting sleep until i hear this loud bang at the door. wait…what was this light leaking through the cracks of the front door because i don’t remember anyone changing the hallway bulbs for over a year? suddenly it hit me: loud, strong, continuous bang at the door, a bright light and mumbling outside means COPS! so i take a deep breath, open the door and obviously blurt out “whatdididowrong officer?” (authority figures give me anxiety). dude starts going on and on that the neighbor called him up because of some domestic disturbance going on between said neighbor and i. i don’t remember such a thing happening considering i was in my room the whole night glancing at my cat sleeping from time to time, chain smoking and working? the neighbor’s protest was that i had illegal use of the 1st come 1st serve parking spot in the back of the apartment, which the landlord stated was open to all tenants. the neighbor called the cops on me because i legally parked in a spot that belongs to the apartment in which i pay rent to live in for. does this make any sense? what the hell did this neighbor expect, for me to get scared and move my car? how immature is that. ridiculous to waste this police officer’s time fighting crime with petty disputes. for once i felt bad for an officer because i know how annoyed he was with the situation. as revenge, i’m just going to leave my car parked there all week. any other ideas, or any ridiculous neighbor/cop stories? do tell.

p.s. hawks play tonight at 8:30pm. where is a good place to watch tonight? uh, cheers.


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  1. pete says:

    i believe it was the 2008 euro cup. my friend was working behind the bar at his family’s restaurant when a former waitress from this fine establishment just stopped by to shmooze with the employees. she hadn’t worked there for some time, nor was she a paying customer of any sort….just schmoozin. as she standing by the bar, she demands my friend to change the tv from the euro cup to something more fitting for a 40-odd year old, well-worn and disheveled lady. my friend disregards her yapping, and she gets flustered. i mean after all, it is the euro cup. she calls him a spoiled brat, he calls her a bitch. she leaves, files a report for verbal abuse, cops pay a visit…cuff him while he’s on his shift, and subject him to endless hours of community service. moral of the story, don’t watch football matches with disgruntled old women.

  2. BanjoBill says:

    My suggestion is to find a junk car and put it in the spot for about the next 6 months.

  3. christkappos says:

    haha ^ good one. if i could afford a junk car i probably wouldn’t be in this situation though.

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