ew uh.

devoted to the NOT.


so tonight’s the night of the legendary state of the union addy from mr. obama. what’s equally (or slightly more) exciting is that it will be shown on a giant screen with a saucy sound system along with the 1st monthly pool tournament at archies iowa & rockwell tavern. both start at 8:00pm so don’t hesitate and be late because pete del re will…be, uh, sad.


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  1. Or you can go to this very important lecture about what is currently happening in the DRC: http://event.uchicago.edu/maincampus/detail.php?guid=CAL-402882f8-25505e7d-0125-6a4e6bf9-0000047deventscalendar@uchicago.edu&instanceId=243

    Beginning at 6:00p to 9:30p.

    I highly recommend attending. You can YouTube Obama later.


  2. christkappos says:

    but you can’t youtube a pool tournament.

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