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hideout for the grammys.

great little writeup in the s.times today:

Several other things worth nothing about this year’s Grammy nominees: The proliferation of connections to everybody’s favorite Chicago dive, the Hideout.

I will let co-owner Tim Tuten tell the story, as only he can in his inimitable way:

Of course I have to toot the Hideout’s horn a little more to you. I think the Hideout has a great Grammy story this year.
* I think I already told you that the Hideout’s long-time bartender / poster artist, Kathleen Judge was nominated for a Grammy for best album art for Neko’s Middle Cyclone. She would be a great story!

* Neko Case was also a Hideout bartender at the Hideout, as was her Hideout bartender / background vocalist Kelly Hogan, Neko’s bass player, Hideout bartender Tom Ray of Devil in a Woodpile played at the Hideout almost every Tuesday for 11 years.

* Honey Boy Edwards will receive a Grammy life-time achievement award this year. The Hideout has been his home bar for 10 years, where he plays with Devil in a Woodpile at least two to four times a year. He flew into Washington DC last year just to play our Inauguration Party. As Tippatina’s in New Orleans was Professor Longhairs final home, we have always felt the Hideout is the place where Honey Boy could receive the comfort and respect he so long deserved.

* Wilco’s Jon Stiratt’s sister Laurie was a long-time Hideout bartender.

* AND… Mavis Staples “Hope at the Hideout” was recorded at the Hideout too!

The dream that we had at the Hideout in 1996 has really come true. To nurture unknown artists, to employ them to help them pay their rent, and provide them with practice and performance space, so they could develop their art. Our Hideout goal was not just to say that the White Stripes (for example) played here, which they did, but to say that great artists lived, worked and created at the Hideout.

Thanks, Tim. If you ask me, you wuz robbed in the best spoken word category!

1354 w. wabansia ave., chicago, IL 60642


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