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lockdown opens.

there have been many a times when i lazily step off the X49 (soon to be RIP) division stop and briskly walked towards augusta and passed by this place on western. never really thought anything of it, just assumed it was yet another abandoned business and the rats were partying behind the gates…until, to my surprise, the gates were up and the place was illuminating from 5 blocks away with the wall of plasma tvs for only a few hrs. then i thought it was some secret mafia bar, or cop bar because i never saw those gates open again. until now, this curious place called lockdown is open. supposed to be some revolutionary type shit with virtual concerts. i really don’t know much about the place.

here’s the release notes:

Put the kids away and lock your doors because the Lockdown Bar and Grill is finally opening its doors on January 25, 2010. Get ready to rock out with bestial screams and embolism-popping guitar riffs as this heavy metal bar satisfies your most carnal desires. The menu has been painstaking crafted with starters, sandwiches, and 12 supreme burger creations, like the Cruelty to Animals (a 10-ounze Angus burger topped with every type of pork product known to man) <-hey, that’s pretty NOT neat or The Big House (a burger rubbed down with spices covered in cheddar cheese and slathered in BBQ sauce).

This is more than just a metal bar with amazing food though. This is Chicago’s premier Virtual Venue. You will able to Rock in Rio with Iron Maiden or Binge and Purge with in the front row with Metallica. The biggest and best metal and hard rock concerts play every minute we are open on the wall of flat screens in this metal cage of a bar. Smoke machines, a laser show, and concert footage played at an obscene volume take you away from this Ukrainian Village hideout and put you in the center of the front row mosh pit before the gods of rock themselves.

Quench your thirst while rocking out with an amazing beer list with everything from PBR cans to Chimay Blue bottles. Our perfectly chilled taps flow six wide with Miller Lite, Guinness, Blue Moon, a Goose Island Seasonal, Sierra Nevada, and Fat Tire. We have the whiskey for the hard rocking concert veterans as well as every other liquor alcoholic beverage a rock star could want.

…We want the unwashed (or washed) masses lusting for the unmatched style and power of glam and thrash metal to course through their bodies. We want blood thirsty carnivores ransacking the Chicago bar scene for the most tantalizing burgers. We want those people because we are those people and now we own a bar.

individuals that are passionate about their business’ get big thumbs up in my books (star lounge), but i’m still a tad confused with the foundation of this one. what’s the point behind the whole ‘prison’ look? does that really pair well with the live 20 plasmas airing metal concerts in your face? what’s with the vulgarity? does that mean that everyone that likes metal is an asshole? just because someone loves slayer, maiden and anthrax doesn’t mean they’re gunna kick the shit out of babies and eat raw squirrels (although i just laughed thinking about that). i’ll definitely check this place out for a beer…then, uh, maybe go see a real show at the bottle across the street.

1024 N Western Ave, Chicago IL, 60622

p.s. filter also opened today on milwaukee. i don’t think anyone needs a review on that one.


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12 Responses

  1. Pete Del Re says:

    Had a friend who went to Lockdown yesterday and provided a less than stellar review. Here’s some items to consider:

    – The name and prison theme a direct rip off of Felony Franks on Western/Jackson.
    – The burgers are a direct rip off of Kuma’s (though I don’t necessarily mind having similar burgers this close to home)
    – Shot of Jameson = $7, Maker’s = $8.
    – Definitely gave the vibe of a “hey brah” Lincoln Park joint.

    The last two points pretty much sealing the deal the deal that I’ll probably not belly up to that bar (which apparently the edge of the slate bartop is so jagged that you WILL cut your hands and arms frequently) anytime soon.

  2. christkappos says:

    well, if i’m watching live concerts in a bar that mimics a prison, i’d feel like a loser that i wasn’t actually at that concert. sorta like punishment or something. besides, IT’S ACROSS THE STREET FROM A REAL LIVE VENUE. those drink prices can suck a fat one. do the owners assume that people have money now because they opened up? it’s still poor kids/families trying to get by with the occasional condo here and there. also, there’s already the round robin that gives off that attitude type vibe. ugh, fail.

  3. yupster says:


  4. Tim Vitek says:

    Listening to Metallica at an obscene volume in a place that resembles a prison while paying $8 for a shot of booze………sounds like a good time.

  5. Ms. Kittens says:

    Even if the burgers were a direct rip off of Kuma’s, it’s a massive fail. I force myself to finish a Kuma’s burger, while I saved half of the Lockdown burger and took it home figuring my boyfriend would eat it.

    It’s affordable and close. And honestly, I’m looking forward to seeing what it’s like late on a Friday night.

    Those green lasers all over your face though. Ugh.

    • christkappos says:

      how did you even maintain a straight face ordering from the menu?! “ah yes, i’ll start off with the Bone Collecter, i think we’re going to share the Billy the Kid and have a Ponzi Scheme well done…ooooh and if there’s room i’d like some Community Sevice to finish!!” haha, i would definitely stop by for a nightcap (maybe 2morrow before they find out about this post and force me to drop the soap in the shower).

      • Pete Del Re says:

        You’re in luck… I checked in the bathroom and they keep the bar soap on the floor right by a dirty drain

  6. Ms. Kittens says:

    Ok. Went back on Friday night. Took another couple with us. We had one beer–or as much of the beer everyone could finish before I begged to leave.

    Walked to Archie’s.

    Never going back to the Lockdown again.

  7. Ms. Kittens says:

    Oh, and we tossed the other half of that shitty burger.

  8. mop says:

    Sounds like a Bad knockoff of Kuma’s…

  9. christkappos says:

    @Ms. Kittens: good for you, i was actually at archies later in the night! next time i’ll call out ‘ms. kittens’ and see if you respond. thanks for commenting.

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