ew uh.

devoted to the NOT.

pom fri(ga)tes.

where the hell did this weekend sneak off to?
one minute the sweet sound of a key locking the door to ste. 2700 echoed throughout the hallway…the next, the alarm is being set for 7:15am, february 1. it’s just not fair (kind of like arsenal’s embarrassing loss today). there’s still a few hours left to spare, and those hours should be spent supporting humboldt parks own frigates at subterranean tonight.
here’s the short bio:

Frigates is a Chicago band, of the Humboldt Park neighborhood. We put compact, staccato melodies with propulsive, agile rhythms in songs that will make you want to shake your hips, or pump your fists. Or both at once… Formed in 2007 by Brian Hacker (Crush Kill Destroy), he found a monstrous drummer in Marc Riordan (Branch/Riordan duo, Rupert) and after several tries, a perfect fit on bass in Wesley Torres (Automatic Stinging Machines). Their first show was a chaotic affair at the Town Hall Pub’s 2008 “Battle of The Bands,” where they finished a close second due to a conflict of interest with the judges.

show starts at 8:30pm, 21+, $8.
2011 w. north ave., chicago IL 60647


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One Response

  1. wesman says:

    thanks for the writeup! I hope you made it to the show – it was fun

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