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rtdj 2.0

happy monday. i’m sure everyone’s thrilled about it.
a fresh month (after flushing out your bank account with the expenses of living) typically shines a new leaf of optimism, or not. who knows. february has always been a shitty month. it’s too short, too cold, too many people talk shit about love for some reason, but it also brings the return of a weekly project called respect the dj (rtdj). i mean, do you really need a description? it’s dj’s that promote dj’s and bring the noise. the night was previously hosted by LAVA, unfortunately they shut their doors to be quickly reborn as the exchange. although i’m not very happy about this for more than one reason, i support them because they’re good peoples and businessmen, ya dig? anyways, this could’ve been the death of rtdj as well, but thanks to the passionate people behind this project, the only change is the venue.

here’s the description:

Hi. Hi. Hi. Oh how I missed thee…. Let me count thy ways. Respect The DJ has found a new home, Butterfly Social. So exciting. With that being said, I decided to have a disco dance party as the housewarming. OCD Automatic and Kid Color. Everyone knows Kid Color. He is well on his way to being a household name. OCD is newer to the scene, but making quite the impact already. Ladies get the sparkle out! Gentlemen practice your twirling. Let’s bring the boogie to our new home.

On a more serious note… Guns and Gauze in Haiti ? One of the many questions asked during these trying times. A true call to action is needed.I am asking everyone to please donate gentle used clothes,dry milk, and non perishables. I will personally deliver everything to the Haitian Consulate. They will know best where to send it. We have a voice, eyes and a brain. use it. One Love. Much Respect Yazi The DJ.

Butterfly Social
722 w grand, chicago, IL 60654

i’m excited for this post because this is also promoting local dj’s! dj moppy currently resides in the west town area and here’s his latest mix for the people. hope to catch some of you out there, if you want to carpool, i’m, uh, down.


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  1. mop says:

    Get readY!

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