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devoted to the NOT.

greenheart cooking.

my apologies for such a late post.
been super swamped at the good old cubicle with busywork, which has, once again, driven me to suicidal thoughts to achieve the ‘better life’ once and for all. the only way out of a situation like this is to remind myself that heaven probably doesn’t have marlboro reds, drum and bass music, turntables, hot sex on the platter and booze. where does this all lead? to a sustainable cooking class going on at greenheart from 6:30pm-8:00pm of course!

here’s the description:

Cook for people and planet! Sustainability can be practiced in all aspects of our lives. In this hands-on workshop, learn to cook foods that benefit both the environment and the people responsible for producing your food. Learn how to make tasty low-impact meals using various fair trade food items. Truly soulful cooking… Erin and Alee from Dynamic Duo Wellness will be leading this eco-fabulous workshop complete with samples, recipes, hand-outs, and fair trade wine! RSVP to info@greenheartshop.org or 312-264-1625 Cost is $15

1911 w. division St., chicago, IL 60622

this store is pretty cool. i give it big respect. hopefully they’re doing well so show your support for humanity and, uh, learn how to cook.


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