ew uh.

devoted to the NOT.

stand up tawl.

dizzee rasc touchin down on the hardships of modern day life.
typically i don’t take most of his songs seriously, i mean, how can you considering anything that comes out of his mouth sounds like speedy gonzales singing through a muffler on steroids. the beats are mean and i guess innovating for the time. his newish release tongue and cheek offers a variety of genres along with his distinctive vocals. some big name producers on this one, but the biggest is shy fx. i’ve been a long time fan of shy fx’s music because he is a big boy in the drum and bass scene, saw him a few times at sonotheque (rip) and drool over any release on digital soundboy. top notch, these two together leave me no choice but to play this song on repeat at least 5 times in a row. perfect for the shitty weather and our non improving economic crisis. this has nothing to do with the area of chicago, but it definitely corresponds to the foreclosed properties on my and your street.


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  1. pete says:

    yaw, yaw. i just gotted pissed bc the sound stop when i clicked to add a comment. the passion is pandemic

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