ew uh.

devoted to the NOT.


this is the start of a series of sets that i will post from time to time (probably monthly considering i named this one january). the set represents patience and sadness. something along the lines of the mood throughout the first month of a new decade.

track list:

alix perez – intermission
broadcast – minus two
king midas sound – i dub
martyn – mega drive generation
james blake – sparing the horses
the grey man – aquatic life
zomby – test me for a reason
aphex twin – 2
the hologram – side a
m. cazopoiloi – se kartero

for, uh, ddc.


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5 Responses

  1. Pete Del Re says:

    Great idea! Love it!

  2. yiannis skarpathiotis says:

    needs a track listing.

  3. Neal Patel says:

    i just listened to this whole set. dope

  4. Tim Vitek says:

    The end reminds me of seeing the Orb live. Very cool.

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