ew uh.

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party pants. pants party.

what happens when you mix a special case of insomnia, the cta, a friends welcome home party (location to not be disclosed to keep my cool facade alive), drugs and record spinning? late blog posts, that’s what. sorry pete, don’t taint my drink tonight with some dog feces. with that being said, archies is doing it up once again and this time with a DJ!!!!

description, ready, steady, GO:

Saturday, Feb 13th

DJ Shan will be working the decks and Pete will be working the drinks!

The party starts at 9, decks start heating up around 10 (two sets) and the drinks flow all night!

The bar will be open til 3am – so make sure you’re wearing your party pants!

There will be plenty of cheap drinks to keep you busy and plenty of hot tunes to keep you biz-ay! Floorspace will be provided for your dance party needs.

also, if you’re near subT tonight…which is highly doubtful since it is the weekend wicker park scene and most of you would rather shoot up truffle oil than have to deal with that tsunami of doucheskank bombarding the streets, check out MAHJONGG, ICY DEMONS and LOVE CONCEPT.

doors open at 9pm, $10.


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One Response

  1. Pete Del Re says:

    No Worries. Sounds like you made us all proud last night!

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