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ugh, another day, he thought as his alarm droned in his head. *cough* am i dead? am i having an early morning heart attack? what the fuck is this weight on my chest, it feels warm…oh it’s just him (the cat). such innocent life, living for the pleasures, should he wake him? ah, why not, he’s got no problems anyways, just unconditional love. *cough* fuck you piece of shit furball get off me with your love and affection! startled, the boy wakes up, digs some claws in his chest…blood here, blood there, ah who cares he thought, just another day. sorry. one miserable day in the many to come and the many that have been. stretch, it’s good for you. eh, fuck it, tomorrow he thought, for now, the routine is good. a nice little cup of the black and a few puffs of the tobac(co). in the distance the droning echo of the worst makes impact with his ears, fucking train he thought. could do without you forever. *cough* what’s on the agenda today? oh yea, that thing they call what you’re meant to do at your age.eh might as well make my body feel alive…”hello ladies” he says with a wink. good to know someone’s feeling loved he thinks. slowly, with regret, he turns the knob to the shower….and so it begins.

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this goes deep. real deep.

boogiliy boogily woogily woo…man i can’t get enough of this mountain dew!

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tears rolled down her cheek and i said nothing.
what could i say, it was all my fault. knowing that someone could feel such pain because of my actions made it impossible to respond. what could i say…what could i say. i wanted to scream out in agony ‘YOU’RE WRONG,’ but it was too late. the damage was done and there was nothing other to do than run. escape the emotions, hide it until it burns, it will do you good, she’ll be back! i thought. not a chance. it’s over. let it settle friend, think about what you’ve done. think it over once or twice or 100 times, it doesn’t matter. you started the chain reaction, so why be sad? it’s all your fault you fool. she’s gone now and you can do nothing about it. nothing other than to express these emotions through music. yea, that will ease the pain…or at least reflect what’s on your mind. another chapter burned.
here’s march. god dammit.

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