ew uh.

devoted to the NOT.

Kerdisame (gia tora).

even if it may be temporary, the mood amongst the greek community across the world (i think) is positive and hopeful.
i can honestly say, that a smile will be frozen on my face until we play argentina. we might be in debt, we might cause riots, we might be lazy, we might have shitty dj’s (in america), but god almighty we got some great football players.

Se gnoriso apo Κόψη κασσίτερο, κασσίτερο Του tromeri Σπαθιού, Se gnoriso apo Όψη κασσίτερο, Pou μου μέσω Metra yi κασσίτερο. ta Ap ‘kokala vialmeni, Ton Ιερά ta Ελλήνων, Ke san ΠΡΩΤΑ andriomeni, Haire, o haire, Ελευθερία!


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  1. neal says:

    damn kappos … i felt bad for the Nigeria this morning, after reading your post, I kind of feel worse for Greece. 😛

    congratulations on the victory – hell, if you can beat Argentina, South African can beat France.

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