ew uh.

devoted to the NOT.


I’ll let the music speak for itself. The body of the post will most likely be ‘edited’ once I come home and feel like typing up a storm, but long story short the term ‘grass is greener’ is true to form.


Flying Lotus. A Cosmic Drama
The Sight Below. New Dawn Fades
The Antlers. Atrophy
Pantha du Prince. Im Bann
Underworld. Skym
Vincent Gallo. A Wet Cleaner
Thomas Bangalter. Rectum
Deradoorian. Grey Teeth
NIN. 2 Ghosts 1
Burial. Forgive
Battles. Tras 3
Venetian Snares. P
Moving Ninja. Anikoku Butoh
Martyn. Brilliant Orange
Ezekiel Honig. Past Tense Kitchen Movement
Brian Eno. Lantern Marsh
Aphex Twin. Rhubarb
Elliott Smith. Bye


June <- download link.


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One Response

  1. pete says:

    oi. so deep, so precious. something still seems screwy with the player though. i tried the link, it cut out after 13 minutes, so i just played it off the wordpress player that pops up and it worked fine.

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