ew uh.

devoted to the NOT.


twenty ten twas a good year.
so good in fact that i haven’t even considered inking myself up to remind myself to never have have an experience like the one before. maybe i’ll get a ‘it was a good year tattoo’ instead. anywho, i’ve been slacking hard on the casts…i know, i know, it’s heartbreaking for all of you out there. clearly there’s a light at the end of a tunnel and my tunnel was busy trying to book gigs in the reality. they’ve been going splendid and would like to thank everyone that has come out to support thus far. a little history right quickly, the alias cpkay. originated from my obsession with drum & bass/jungle music. since an advanced tween i had the dream of owning the decks and the plastic to go along with them to shake the space, but seeing that we’re in america here that dream got distracted with a 9-5 and not feeling alive. thanks to the recession…i found my decks, bought a jungle record off the bat and realized that fucking hell, there’s no scene in the chicagoland area for my twisted breakbeat rave dreams. so i converted to techno, house, disco and anything within that range. i feel guilty alright, but i never forgot my roots. it’s because of these roots that i have a drive to create and will never forget them. SO in order to make a point, i decided to come back strong with a mixtape, literally…a fucking tape because i wasn’t able to record it otherwise. these tracks are some of my favorites. it seems necessary right now. enjoy.

p.s. i dedicate this to the only person that can give me goosebumps other than a bassline. we met at a seth troxler show 🙂 aka my gf if it wasn’t that fucking obvious (don’t be jealous pete).

DOWNLOAD: side a

DOWNLOAD: side b


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4 Responses

  1. peter says:

    dear chris,
    today i skipped the morning cup of java and went straight for these heavy beats. talk about setting the tone for the day. nice to hear a flashback of your old form. thank you!


  2. pete says:

    i’m only 14% jealous

  3. petro says:

    nice vibes man. goosebumps a plenty.

  4. Constance K. says:

    I 100% Love This!

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