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many thanks to you all for visiting ew uh (even for a smidget amount of time).  the main purpose of this site is to support the area in chicago that i’ve lived in for a little less than a decade now, ‘east village’, west town (i guess), ukranian village and humboldt park. i bounced around like any normal person from wabansia, to thomas, to noble and now…to that little pocket i like to call purgatory aka the intersection of western and augusta. what is that, humboldt park (the not so bad part)? either way, i love it and support my neighborhood even though it doesn’t really support me back at times *cough* loud ass neighbors *cough* impossible parking after 8pm *cough* no train within walking distance for a chain smoker. there are so many places around and things to do that aren’t really posted in other blogs and i’d like to make them aware. obviously this blog is for you and in order to make it work, any and all input/contribution is appreciated. i’m looking for events going on in the area that do not require a rsvp, latex leggings, miller specials, digital djs (maybe) and an event photographer. artists of any kind that wouldn’t mind some exposure. stories around these streets of any kind and obviously news on that bullshit they call the CTA. there might be some times that i will stray away from the neighborhood because there are great places around, but not too many.


5 Responses

  1. Great idea. You know, LSquare is not to shabby either. I’ve been living here for five years (minus the one “bad” year in Wicker Park), which eventually brought me back to the Square at the end of things.

  2. mop says:

    Rumble Arts Center in Humbolt

  3. […] last night. not sure if i should just lmao, or wrage out. the former seems fit. i mentioned in my i.d. uh page about annoying neighbors (cough). this post has to do with just that. annoying neighbors that […]

  4. V says:

    Just came across this site. Cool focus and nice content topics I’d already be interested in. Helps that I live in West Town/East Village/Whatever myself.

    • christkappos says:

      help spread the word. if you know anything going on around town (focused more on art openings, music and any other neighborhood type events excluding cheap booze specials) lemme know, just trying to get some exposure.

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