ew uh.

devoted to the NOT.


New mix coming up soon for the news year.


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cpkay., ddcmusic, slowerson @ lucky number grill 9/23

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ddcmusic + cpkay. playing @ murasaki sept. 11

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domata gemista (august)

see below!

set can be downloaded -> http://soundcloud.com/absynthaluka
thanks for listening.

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Pavement & Brandy

the one year i don’t go to pitchfork this happens. who would’ve thought…

Pavement Pitchfork

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I’ll let the music speak for itself. The body of the post will most likely be ‘edited’ once I come home and feel like typing up a storm, but long story short the term ‘grass is greener’ is true to form.


Flying Lotus. A Cosmic Drama
The Sight Below. New Dawn Fades
The Antlers. Atrophy
Pantha du Prince. Im Bann
Underworld. Skym
Vincent Gallo. A Wet Cleaner
Thomas Bangalter. Rectum
Deradoorian. Grey Teeth
NIN. 2 Ghosts 1
Burial. Forgive
Battles. Tras 3
Venetian Snares. P
Moving Ninja. Anikoku Butoh
Martyn. Brilliant Orange
Ezekiel Honig. Past Tense Kitchen Movement
Brian Eno. Lantern Marsh
Aphex Twin. Rhubarb
Elliott Smith. Bye


June <- download link.

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Feel Good for Free.

Been listening to this set on and off for a few months now and HAD to share this bit. If you’re into techno at all, you’ll melt to this part of the set. I do every time and let me tell you, it takes a ton for me to feel all squishy inside. Ask my exes. God bless their soulless souls.

Redshape – Live @ Liquid Lounge.

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The End. 2010.

temporary smiles fade away for miles.

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a little tune i made for an old chap.

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this is what i highly suggest you take away from cpkast 5 aka cpmay.
first and foremost, enjoy the set as i poured my heart into the sequence of the tracks for your listening pleasure. follow the transitions, but don’t pay attention to it on a technical level of chemistry. this is a story, basically, of my time in may. some days there were smooth blends, but most of the days…they were slightly off and towards the end, just plain chaotic. in this day and age, perfection has become the standard. we, in my opinion, live almost mechanical. we forget about the human touch and don’t embrace the errors we make. are they mistakes? some may be, but we learn from mistakes. we never learn from thoughtless synchronization.

it’s good to be culturish, but not cultish.

nobody’s story (clip)
junkbox . our velvet lake
jabberjaw . connie shake
roska . i need love
redshape . ultra
bob marley . sun is shining (island mix)
and.id . ephoria
steve bug . swallowed too much bass remix
flying lotus . do the astral plane


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